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Language, society & identity in diverse ethnolinguistic contexts

Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany), Rooms 1.801 and 1.802 (Casino)

9 June – 10 June 2023 (Warm-up session on 8 June 2023)

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Program (draft)

8 June 2023

4:00 pm

Warm-up session

Guests of subproject B3: International project group from Germany, Georgia and Azerbaijan
Foundation of identity – Language islands
For the program of the warum-up session click here.

9 June 2023

Language, society & identity in diverse ethnolinguistic contexts

09:00 am


09:30 am

Heritage language education in Europe with a special focus on non-official migrant languages

Dr. Roberta Medda-Windischer (EURAC Bolzano/Bozen)

Language Rights and Duties for New Minorities: Integration through Diversity Governance

Mehmet Şerif Derince (Potsdam University)

Kurdish Heritage Language Teaching in Germany

Professor Dr. Katharina Brizić (University of Freiburg)

Non-official Migrant Languages in Europe: A Social Justice Perspective

12:15 pm

Lunch break

01:30 pm

Interculturality in language use

Prof. Dr. Armina Omerika (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Halalis, Haramis & Habubis: The New Language of Islam in Germany

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nico Nassenstein (University of Mainz)

Performances of Fluidity among Migrating Kinyarwanda-Kirundi Speakers: Camouflage, Accommodation, Languaging

Dr. habil. Kyriaki Topidi (ECMI)

When Words Destroy Worlds: Online Hate Speech against Religious Minorities as Harm

04:00 pm

Identity and networks

Prof. Dr. Jannis Androutsopoulos (University of Hamburg/MultiLing, University of Oslo)

Digital connectivity, polycentric multilingualism, and heritage language engagement in transnational families

Dr. Thomas Eckart (University of Leipzig)

Between qualitative and quantitative methods: under-resourced languages at the Leipzig Corpora Collection

Prof. Dr. Walter Bisang (University of Mainz)

Linguistic contact and complexity—a typological perspective

10 June 2023

09:30 am


09:35 am

Scripts as markers of identity

Dr. Daniel Birnstiel, Julia Furman

Script as Markers of Identity – An Introduction

Dr. Aurelija Tamošiūnaitė (University of Mainz)

Script and identity in ordinary writing: a case of Cyrillic Lithuanian at the end of the long nineteenth century

Professor Alessandro Mengozzi (Universita di Torino)

One script in three variants for quite a number of languages: Syriac, Garshuni Arabic and Modern Aramaic.

12:00 pm


01:00 pm

Round table

Discussion of the joint publication/Anthology

Facilitation: Professor S. Gholami

03:30 pm

End of the Conference

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